BBQ Beef on the Big Green Egg

I personally enjoy pulled pork about as well as any BBQ.  But now and then

I need something different.  So, about a year ago I started doing this recipe that really turns out some tasty pulled beef.  Here’s the recipe:

Chuck Roast with a load of ABT's
  • I buy a package of chuck roast from Sam’s.  There are two in a package, usually totalling ~8 lbs. or so.
  • I hit them with a good dose of Dizzy Pig’s Raising the Steaks or something similar.
  • Setup up your cooker for indirect cooking and stabilize the temperature at 250 degrees.  On the Big Green Egg, this means use the platesetter with the drip pan under the cooking grate.
  • BBQ Beef off of the Big Green EggPut the chuckies on over a drip pan and let them cook until they reach an internal temperature of ~160 degrees.
  • Once they reach 160 degrees, put them into a foil pan, add a can of beer (I sometimes use apple juice instead), cover the pan with with aluminum foil, and put them back on the cooker.
  • When they reach 190 degrees, they should be tender enough to pull like a pork butt.  Insert a fork and give it a twist.  If it twists easily, they’re done.Drain the beer, pull them apart (discarding the fatty parts), and add sauce.
  • I like to put the sauced beef back on the cooker uncovered for another hour or so.
  • Serve it up on hamburger buns and enjoy!
BBQ Beef off of the Big Green Egg

Total cook time for this is about 5-6 hrs.  I love having this in the fridge for sandwhiches.  If you haven’t tried BBQ or pulled beef, you should definitely give it a shot.


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