BBQ Beef Ribs

So I woke up Sunday morning….wait, I think that’s a song. In any event, not only did I have the urge to cook Sunday, but I wanted to cook something different. Knowing that I didn’t have 12+ hours to undertake a major low & slow cook, I decided that I’d try to do

some beef ribs. Now I turn our a pretty mean rack of baby backs and I’ve even turned out some decent spares, but I’d never really tried my hand with beef ribs. I’ve looked them over a number of times and frankly I’m intimidated by the brontosaurus sized monsters.

Nevertheless, I picked up a rack of Beef Back Ribs and decided to give it a whirl. I prepped these just like I would pork ribs for the most part. I removed the membrane and trimmed any excess fat. However, I slathered them with EVOO (instead of yellow mustard) and I used Mesquite rub from The Goode Company in Texas. It’s sort of a modified Montreal type rub that I like on beef. I set up the Big Green Egg for low & slow, got my fire stabilized at 250 degrees, and had the meat on by 11:30am.

I was really surprised at how quickly the beef ribs progressed. By 4:00 they were done. In fact, I might have left them on a little too long. I didn’t foil these ribs as I normally do with pork ribs, but I’m not sure it was necessary as the fat rendered off these things amazingly well.  I hit them with a little BBQ sauce about 30 minutes before I pulled them.  They were tasty and I enjoyed them for a change of pace.  However, I’m glad that I put on a beef chuck roast for pulled beef.  I’ve got plenty of that for leftovers this week. (I also threw some ABT’s on, but we’ll cover those in a later post).

All in all, I’d say the beef ribs were pretty good.  If you’re looking for something a little different, you should give them a shot.

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