Big Green Egg Rain Gear

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my current cooker is a large Big Green Egg.  I love to cook on this thing whether I’m grilling or smoking.  However, like most outdoor cooks I find myself battling the elements from time to time.  I’ve never had a downpour completely wash out a cook, but I do try to take preventative measures when I get caught in the rain.  Most of the time that means trying to build a rain fly for the daisy wheel on the BGE and trying to keep it on the leeward side of the garage.  This works okay as long as the wind isn’t gusting too bad.

Now I have a good friend and neighbor who enjoys the fruits of the egg nearly as much as I do and has witnessed my hurried construction of a makeshift aluminum foil rain fly a couple of times.  So last night he presented me with a solution to the problem as an early “barfday” present.  No longer will I be scrambling for aluminum foil and performing speed origami with it when the rain begins to fall.

Here are a couple of shots of my new rain gear.  Place your orders now if you’d like one before Christmas!  Everyone knows that we consume more cream of mushroom soup & canned salmon during the holidays than any other time of year!  



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