Brisket Fail

Like most bloggers, I like to post about my successes. However, this weekend I didn’t fair so well and had a brisket that was a bit of a disappointment.

I’d been reading about a “quick brisket” (and a “quick pork butt”). The recipe claimed that you could cook at a higher temperature than normal and by cooking in an aluminum fan with a little beer you could turn out “fork tender” brisket in just 5-6 hours. These were the steps that I followed.

  • Cook indirect at 350* in an aluminum pan
  • When the meat reaches an internal temp of 140* cover with aluminum foil and add a can of beer to the pan
  • When the meat hits 170*, uncover and let the bark form until the internal temp hits 190*

I followed these steps, but what I ended up with was more like pot roast than BBQ.  The meat hit 190* in about 3 hours but it was far from tender.  I backed the temp down to 250*, and the meat temp fell back to ~180*.  I let it cook for several more hours until it was tender.  But as I said, it was more like pot roast than I’d hoped for.

But you know what the best part of a BBQ mistake is?  You still end up with something that’s pretty tasty.  I enjoyed roast beef sandwiches for a few days after this effort.


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