Doing the Triple

Like most holiday weekends, I find myself cooking for almost the entire weekend.  But that’s okay, I love doing it.  This Memorial Day weekend was no different.  And for large meals, there’s nothing better than pulled pork.  It’s pretty simple and goes a long way.  (Here’s my method for pork butt/pulled pork on the Big Green Egg).

It’s sort of a tradition for me to feed the guys at work on the Friday before a holiday weekend.  So, Thursday night I fired up the Big Green Egg and cooked two pork butts totaling ~13lbs.  They went on the cooker at 5:45pm on Thursday night and came off around 8:15am on Friday.  That’s one all-nighter in the books.

On Friday, I offered to bring pulled pork to a family gathering on Saturday for lunch.  So once again I fired up the cooker and went with a single pork butt.  (I also fired up theBubba Keg for some bratwurst for dinner.)  This time, a six-pounder went on the BGE at 5:30pm on Friday night and I took it off at 6:30am on Saturday.  That’s two all-nighters.

My neighbor had planned a backyard party for Sunday and asked me to cook pork butt, so ~15lbs. of pork butt went on the cooker at 9:30 on Saturday night and came off at ~2:00pm on Sunday.  That’s three all-nighters in a row.

Even though the BGE does a great job and doesn’t require much tending, I have stayed up late and gotten up early for the past 3 nights.  I’m sure glad it’s raining today, I could use a nap!


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