How I Spent My Snow Day or Pork Loin on the Big Green Egg


Here in the midwest, we got quit a blast of winter last night.  I woke up this morning (actually the school woke me up to tell me there was no school) to ~3 inches of sleet & snow on the ground.  So I elected to exercise a little flexibility afforded to me by my employer and work from home.  Around lunch time, my neighbor called to say he had a pork loin in the freezer and since we were both home it seemed like a good excuse to cook.

So around 3:30pm I fired up the Big Green Egg.  I shoveled just enough space outside of the garage to be able to roll the egg outside.  In nothing flat, I had a 275 degree fire with an indirect setup.  We put the pork loin on and retired to the warmth of our respective homes.


By 6:00pm, the pork loin was at 160 degrees internal and I declared it ready to eat.  I cut a hunk off for my trouble and left the rest for my buddy.  I mean heck, he provided the meat.  I had also done some sliced potatoes tossed in olive oil and a little grill seasoning (I call ’em Cheater Fried Potatoes).

It’s kinda cool to be able to work from home while tending the fire and having a fresh meal off of the cooker in mid-week.  Other than grilled chicken or burgers, I don’t get to enjoy mid-week cooking very often.

How’d you spend your most recent snow day?  Drop me a comment and let me know.


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