Impromptu BBQ

I guess there’s really nothing impromptu about a 14 hr cook, but on the drive home from the office last night I decided to put a couple of pork butts on the Big Green Egg and surprise my team with BBQ today for lunch. I hit the supermarket (Schnuck’s had whole pork butt on sale for $.97/lb.) at 5:00pm and by 5:45pm had the egg fired up and steady at 250 degrees and the meat on.


I left for my daughter’s softball game and returned home around 8:00pm to find the cooker at ~290 degrees.  I used this as an excuse to “tend the cooker” and fine tune my temps.  That means I sat by the cooker with my neighbor and enjoyed the evening until turning in around midnight.  (Don’t tell my wife that tending the cooker isn’t really all that necessary, shhh)

This morning at 6:00am I found the BGE chugging along peacefully at 255 degrees.  God, I love the smell of pork butt in the morning. 

By 8:30, I had the butts wrapped and resting in a cooler for the trip to the office.  I just finished pulling the pork and setting out the spread.  I rang the lunch bell (figuratively of course) and the stuff was gone in nothing flat. 

Next time, I’ll feed the other half of my folks at the other campus.  I guess the day before the July 4th holiday should work for that.


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