Ready to Leave the Nest

If you cook on a Big Green Egg or a similar ceramic cooker, you probably started with the egg nestled snuggly in a “nest”. That’s simply the stand with casters that holds the egg at a usable height. Many of us also opted for the flip-up tables to provide a work surface near the egg.


However, you quickly come to realize that even this is not enough work surface. Personally, I added a side table and still find myself juggling cooking utensils, pans, aluminum foil, BBQ sauce etc.

So I began to consider purchasing one of the tables from the Big Green Egg folks.  However, after consulting with a buddy of mine we determined that we probably had enough stuff lying around to build one on our own.  We set about finding plans for a table, collecting the items that we already had, and determining what additional parts we’d need.

We located plans at a couple of places.  Big Green Egg has plans available here.  We also consulted The Naked Whiz for plans as well as a nice gallery of tables other folks have built.  We landed on a modified plan based on everything we read and learned because we needed to take into account that we were starting with lumber, casters and paving stones that we already had lying around.

Over the next few days, I’ll post our progress and photos.  I’m pretty excited about leaving the nest and moving the egg into a more permanent home.  Stay tuned!


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