Review: Q4U – Frisco, CO


I’m enjoying some late spring skiing in Colorado with my family.  Today, my wife threw me a bone and suggested we try a BBQ joint in Frisco, CO. I guess that’s the least she can doing since I’ll spend the next 3 days packing everyone’s skis and gear back and forth from the mountain.

In any event, we wondered into a place called Q4U. I could see smoke rising from behind a picket fence so I had high hopes. Like a lot of BBQ joints, there was a chalkboard for a menu and orders are taken at the counter. My wife ordered a pork sandwich and I opted for the burnt ends sandwich (I won’t mention the kids meals here since they didn’t try the BBQ).

I was a little disappointed to receive a sandwich covered in sauce, but the sauce was pretty good and it wasn’t overpowering. The sandwich was served on a very crusty roll, not what I’d expected.  My wife thought the pork was a little tough. I thought the burnt ends were pretty good and the baked beans were tasty.

I began to wonder what the regional preferences are for BBQ in Colorado.  Am I unfairly comparing Q4U to my own preferences for BBQ?  I don’t know.  I did enjoy the BBQ and at the most basic level, the burnt ends were smoky, had a nice bark, and were very tasty.  Buns & sauce aside, I guess that’s what really matters.

Here’s my final report card:

  • BBQ – A-
  • Side Dishes – B
  • Atmosphere – B
  • Value – B
  • Overall – B


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