Smoked Pork Steaks

I grew up in the midwest and pork steaks were something that we grilled often.  I was probably 25 years old when I realized that people elsewhere in the country didn’t know what a pork steak is. I was reminded of this again last month when I was in Murphysboro, IL for the Business of BBQ with OnCue Consulting at 17th Street Barbecue.  Dinner that evening was lightly smoked pork steaks finished over a high heat grill, but not everyone was familiar with a pork steak.  These pork steaks were tasty, but I like them dry rubbed and smoked until they’re so tender that they almost fall apart.

But I digress.  For the unitiated, pork steaks come from pork butt sliced into steaks.  They are very common at bars, restaurants, and backyard cookouts in the midwest.  I grew up eating them grilled hot & fast, but a few years ago I began cooking them low & slow on the smoker. 

I’ve experimented with a couple of different flavor profiles, but we prefer them seasoned with a basic grill seasoning and smoked until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender.  Here are a few shots of the smoked pork steaks that I did last week.

Your typical pork buttBut this one is “sliced”A Pork SteakPork Steak on the Backwoods FatboyThe finished product

Is this cut of meat available where you live?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


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