Smoking a fatty!

I talk about this quite a bit and recently a co-worker who reads the blog inquired, “What’s a fatty?”.  That’s when I realized that I’d never actually defined what that means anywhere on G&B.

Here you can see a fatty on the BGEQuite simply, a fatty is a tube of sausage that you might slice into patties for the skillet or crumble and fry for other recipes.  However, for the grill you simply pull the wrapper off and put the whole log on the cooker.  Breakfast sausage works great or you can use Italian sausage, chorizo, etc.  You can even stuff the sausage roll with cheese and other fillings if you’re inclined.

I like to use Bob Evans breakfast sausge, apply some BBQ rub, smoke or grill it until it’s done, and then slice it as a chef’s treat while I’m cooking or slice it and put it on mini-bagles or biscuits for breakfast the next week.

That’s it.  There’s really not much to it.  Give it a shot the next time you’ve got your cooker running.


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