Suicide Pork Butt

When I was a kid, I played some little league baseball.  After every game, the coach would buy the team a soda at the concession stand.  It was there that I ordered my first “Suicide”.  My team mates and I would step to the counter and proudly request a soda cup filled with with a combination of multiple flavors of soda from the fountain.  Most often it was Mountain Dew & Coke, but frankly it could be any combination and some of the players even went so far as to have a shot of every flavor in their “suicide”.

It was this experience along with the countless bottles of BBQ rub with only a smidge left in the bottom that led me to this experiment.  So on Saturday, I pulled out four nearly empty bottles of BBQ rub and mixed my own “suicide” pork rub.  I used a little 17th Street Magic Dust Dry Rub , Hogs ‘n Heat, McCormick Grill Mates Pork Rub , and a little rub from an unlabeled shaker.

After combining the dregs of these bottles into a larger shaker and giving it a good mixing, I sampled the rub a bit and it was really tasty.  So I applied it liberally to a couple of pork butts and set about the business getting the Big Green Egg ready to rock.

I was very pleased with the results and we enjoyed some really good pulled pork for dinner.  Unfortunately, I created a dish that I could never duplicate!  🙂


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