You want my advice, or not?

I’m often asked for a recommendation on a backyard cooker.  Many times, I’ve recommended a Big Green Egg to folks who’ve subsequently bought one and seem to be fairly happy with their decision. However, at least twice over the past year I’ve been asked for my opinion by folks who ulitimately didn’t care for my advice. 

You see, I don’t have a standard answer to the question “What cooker should I buy?”.  I typically answer that question with a question of my own like, “What sort of things do you like to cook?”, or “Do you think you’d enjoy the process of creating slow cooked BBQ?”.  Based on how folks answer those questions and how they respond to a quick lesson on the difference between “BBQ” & “Grilling”, I’ve recommended a variety of different cookers.

Sometimes when folks are used to lighting the gas grill and immediately throwing the meat on, it’s hard for them to imagine the planning and time required to turn out great BBQ.  To those folks, I recommend that they buy a gas grill and keep grilling.  But they don’t always appreciate or like that advice.  Sometimes they want me to convince them that they will enjoy the process and that the commitment is worth it.

Frankly, I can’t convince anyone to enjoy the process of cooking good BBQ.  If you are unsure about committing to tending a live fire or committing to the time then by all means cook the way you’re used to cooking. 

There’s nothing wrong with cooking on a gas grill.  Heck, the stores are full of them so somebody must be buying them.



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