Labor Day Ribs

Labor Day weekends, we typically have house guests and that means BBQ.  This year, my brothers-in-law & their families visited and we decided to do a big load of ribs.  Cooking on the Backwoods Pro Jr, that means I have the capacity to do roughly 40 sides of ribs at once.  

Now I’ve never actually filled it up, but we did do 15 sides on Saturday.  It takes 4-5 sides of ribs to feed our famliies, and the rest we shared with friends and neighbors.


I started with baby back ribs from Sams, and trimmed and prepped them first thing Saturday morning.  I had the Backwoods Pro Jr. running at temp around noon and put the ribs on.  Around 5:30, we began wrapping the ribs and handing them off to folks who dropped by and we fed our clan.


I did hold 2 racks back, one of which will head to Columbus, OH tomorrow and the other to Pittsburgh, PA.

Next up, brisket for dinner on Sunday night.  My BIL’s have taken to calling Labor Day Weekend, “Meatfest”.




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