New Pit: Grilla Grills Silverback

It’s been a minute since I’ve provided an update. Now that I’ve added a new pit to my arsenal, it seems long over due.

When I sold the Backwoods Pro Jr, I knew it would be a matter of time before I acquired another pit to increase my cooking capacity. After spending some time evaluating pellet grills, I landed on the Silverback Alpha from Grilla Grills.

I looked at all of the big names in pellet grills (you know who they are). To me, it came down to a couple of key features, value, and company support.

The key features for me are:

  • Pellet dump – changing flavors or just cleaning the pit is easier with a way to dump the pellets out of the hopper
  • Double-walled cooking chamber – Grilla calls this the “thermojacket”, but the result is a grill that performs better in cold weather. The last thing I want is to wrap my grill in a blanket to cook in the winter like owners of some of the competition often do.
  • PID Controller – in fact Grill has a controller that is dual mode. In mode 1 (PID mode) the grill maintains the set temperature with very little variation. In mode 2, the temp swings across a wider range. The result is a little more smoke.
  • Value – compare the features of the Grilla vs the competition and you’ll find that the bang for the buck is definitely here.
  • Company Support – Join the Facebook page for Grilla owners and you’ll find the a consistent presence from the company helping their owners and a community that’s very supportive of each other.

Put all of these together, and I’m very happy with my purchase. I’ll update this site more regularly with my experiences using the Grilla Silverback.


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