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Rub & Sauce

For the month of June, I’m booked solid.  My BBQ commitments shape up like this:

  • June 4th – Pigapalooza, where I’ll be cooking for a fund raiser to support Jacob’s Ladder
  • June 11th – cooking pork butt for a graduation party.
  • June 18th – my first BBQ competition
  • June 25th – pork butt & brisket for my cousin’s wedding reception

So with all that to do over the next month, I realized that I needed to lay in a few supplies and settle on a flavor profile (at least for the month of June).  Since I’ve been using Plowboy’s Yardbird, it’s become my go to rub.  Likewise, Blueshog BBQ sauce has become my go to sauce for ribs.  I’m still in search of a go to sauce to apply to sandwiches, but for now I think I’m set.

Plowboy’s Yardbird RubBlues Hog BBQ Sauce

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